The Whole Life Healing Collective

A collective of coaches who have completed the Whole Life Healing Certification and who provide support through the Whole Life Healing Centers Non-Profit Organization (501c3).

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Whole Life Healing Centers

The mission of Whole Life Healing Centers is to provide access to comprehensive healing modalities for individuals and families impacted by emotional and physical trauma through sustainable Whole Life Healing Principles.


Those we help include: Veterans, Victims of Abuse, those of Human trafficking, individuals with heart event trauma, and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). The truth is if Trauma has impaired your life…we help You!


Please visit the Centers’ website to learn more, apply for support, or donate to our cause.

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Mike Shelton

Mike Shelton

I coach men struggling with unwanted sexual behavior and support the discovery of the behavior being a road map to recovery.

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Marie Demres

Marie Demres MA, RYT200, ANWBCLC, BSPC

Marie Demres: WLHCoach, Brainspotter, Sand Tray practice, RYT200 Yoga, Special Education teacher; I coach children in crisis or acting out, adults who feel stuck/frozen, parents with guilt, trauma, and discovery of family/relational patterns.

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Cathy Ayres

Catherine (Cathy) Ayres

Together we will create a safe, encouraging, honest, judgement-free space for you to explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We will open your imagination to positive, constructive ways to overcome and empower the true you to shine.

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Alyssa Alvarez

Alyssa Alvarez, BCNWC, RYT

Alyssa Alvarez has a purpose and mission to inspire healing for the younger generation through mindfulness, empowered movement, and sisterhood. Using holistic tools, she works with her students to reduce anxiety, cultivate confidence, and self-worth.

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