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Program Overview

The Whole Life Healing Coaching Certification Course offers students the opportunity to learn & develop self-awareness through the study of the brain, nutrition, mindfulness, intuition & yoga

Empower yourself and others by obtaining a Whole Life Healing Coaching Certification

The Whole Life Healing Coaching Certification Course offers students the opportunity to learn and develop self-awareness through the study of the brain, nutrition, mindfulness, intuition and yoga. As each individual increases their own life skills, this program affords the ability to transfer that knowledge and the necessary tools to guide others through their own personal development journey. Students are introduced to basic principles of neuroscience & epigenetics, foundations of nutrition, food for the body and intuition as it relates to food. Equally powerful is the wisdom of our health for serving yourself and your clients; the art of listening and the ‘how to’s’ of releasing stress in a stressful world and more. Throughout this course students will learn and practice the power of the mind, positive thinking, confidence, mindfulness, self-actualization, your life’s purpose and goal setting. Your experiences, the tools you gain, and the wisdom of your unique gifts will afford you the opportunity to begin your own coaching practice.

"Bethany is an absolutely incredible mentor who will guide you on a path to creating the life you truly want to lead"
-- Heather

Program Layout & Logistics

We offer business coaching during the course (for those already practicing); or a group program for new entrepreneurs several times throughout the year (for an additional fee). Please inquire during your initial interview should you be interested.

Homework assignments, and coordinating course content will be available on the learning platform. The list of books required for the course will be sent with your welcome letter.


Introduction to Life Coaching

First, you will be introduced to Life Coaching, Health Coaching and the main tenets of the methodologies of Whole Life Healing (WLH). The 4 pillars of WLH will be introduced: Brain, Life, Health & Yoga . You will receive an overview of the program’s fundamental philosophy that ALL hearts can be healed, course expectations, independent study, and reminded of the importance of confidentiality.


Accreditation & CEUs

It should be noted that Whole Life Healing Coach is accredited with the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP ), which means our graduates can become board certified with the American Natural Wellness Coaches Board (ANWCB )(acts as prerequisite to the board exam, and ANWCB discount code available upon program completion). The course also acts as CEUs through the AANWP for other practitioners.

Program Formats

The program is now available in online group & self-study formats.  To see the differences you can watch the following video and/or see the list below.  We also invite you to book a consultation call if you have further questions.

The Group Coaching

The Self-Study

Module One


Looking at the ‘Whole’ in parts beginning with the Brain
The Module serves as an introduction to the Brain. The brain is connected to everything we do- our thoughts – conscious and unconscious; what we choose to eat; how we choose to behave; learning styles; attention and our mental health. We will learn the basics of Neuroscience, epigenetics, neuroplasticity and how to heal our own brains.

You will receive weekly homework in the form of sub-modules created by Dr. Amanda Wintink, and WLHCoach principles.

Module Two

Coaching Techniques

This Module offers unique coaching methods specific to WLHCoaching offering you an array of techniques and skills to work with your future (or current) clients.  You will receive an introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) techniques. This module, you will begin to practice coach with your fellow students both in class and out of class.  


This is a beautiful opportunity to learn how to access a new client (and earn their trust), gain listening skills, as well as take a personal deep dive of inner healing with your fellow students. 


You will also continue building upon and applying the principles discovered in Module 1.

Module Three


Exploration of the Self, Self-Care, and WLH’s unique approach to bringing congruence to the conscious and subconscious mind. During this Module, we will be introduced to focusing on our awareness in the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting our feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations to be further utilized as a therapeutic technique. Stress and the art of relaxation and releasing stress, negative thoughts and feelings for yourselves and your clients.


You will also continue to learn coaching methods and practice with your fellow students.

Module Four

Health & Nutrition

Taking a deeper look at our own health and discovering the foundations of how food affects our mood, our bodies, our brain and our overall wellbeing. Learning what our bodies need and how to assist your clients in the same process – this is not a one size fits all approach. Structured goal setting around health, exercise and the condition of the foods that we eat.

Module Five

The Power of Energetics & Yoga

We will begin to incorporate the theories taught in Module’s 1-4 while moving deeper into the Mind Body-Sprit connection. We will explore the power of ‘thinking’, law of attraction, the power of belief and scientific breakthroughs in the fields of Neuroscience and Epigenetics.


We will experience a yoga protocol with expert Kristen Wick. The benefits of yoga for stress, PTSD, addiction, etc will be explored and experienced in this weekend module.

Module Six

Spirituality, Intuition and the Art of Listening

The Art of Listening Skills – though practiced throughout this course this powerful skill will be examined in detail from our current state to an improved condition forward. Open acceptance of all spiritual practices while creating a safe environment for each participant’s belief system will culminate in developing the skills to fashion the same for your clients. Also included in this weekend is how to develop deeper intuition through the art of listening with meditation, yoga, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion & empathy.

Students will also be showcasing their Independent Study Project in this last module, as well as a required recorded coaching session. Final Exam unique to each participant will be distributed the last week of this month!


To check out our learning platform you can search for Bethany Perry on either the Apple or Google App Store.

Who This Course Is For

Skills From This Course

" If you're looking to grow both in your business and personal lives, this is an absolute MUST do! You will not regret it! "
-- Kristen

Business Coaching - Three Month Program

Business Coaching is offered as an add on for those who desire to start their own coaching business.

If you are interested in adding this, please let us know during your initial interview!


Developing Your Practice

These Modules provide you with the foundational steps to open your practice. Incorporating a business, marketing & promotional materials, accounting & how to create your own individualized program. Bringing it all together and moving into the future as a ‘Whole Life Healing Coach’! Ongoing community support will be discussed and offered to every graduate of ‘Whole Life Healing Coaching’ Program.

Program Application Process


Optional Add Ons:

Program Pricing

Choose Your Path

*We are currently offering special pricing as we recently transferred to a new platform (app) available on Apple & Android and are working to refine the experience to be the best it can be.

Group/Cohort Format

Single Payment

One Time Payment
$ 4,997 Due Upon Registration
Best $

Payment Plan

Monthly Instalments
$ 1,000 Per Month
  • 6-month Instalment Plan
  • Total: $6,000

Self-Study Format

Single Payment

One Time Payment
$ 3,497 Due Upon Registration
Best $

Payment Plan

Monthly Instalments
$ 750 Per Month
  • 6-month Instalment Plan
  • Total: $4,500

Back To School Special

Before Sept 6th, 2022
$ 4,800 One Time Payment
Best $

Back To School Special

Before Sept 6th, 2022
$ 4,000 One Time Payment
Best $

Three Two $1500

Scholarships Available*

*Scholarship Details:

What Students Have to Say about the Program

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